Booth # Company Name web Product
1 LuLARoeYaLL Simply Comfortable Clothing, Fitting for individual steampunk style & taste for everyday
2 L.A.S.S. Chimera jewelery, leather goods, corsets, and laser blasters
3 Capezza Designs Handcrafted jewelry
6 Folklore Supply Functional Art, Apparel, Bone Art, Men’s Grooming
7 Funky Love Designs Jewlery
8 Favii
9 Surplus Oddities Stempunk Props and weapons
10 Majestic Thorns dolls, jewlery, costumes
11 Jess the Mask Maker Hand made masks and accessories
13 Sandy Rougeou jewelry out of watch parts, typewriter keys, silverware, shotgun shells, bullets, door knobs, , etc.
14 Airship 67, LLC Bracers,masks, jewlery, accessories
15 Codi’s Unique Bootique Hats and googles
16 KADT Designs jewelry
17 Geaux Figure 3 D Printing and Scanning
18 Snake and Monkey Studios vintages watches
19 Humble Heads Art Glass glass pendants and marbles
21 Just Jessa Clothing, Costumes,
23 MudCat Whiskers Beard oils, balms, and waxes. Facial Hair Care Products
25 Cajun Moon Creations Steampunk Jewelry, Cloth items, backpacks, nerfguns, headbands, etc.
26 House of O’Reagan Deviant Trends, hand-crafted leg harnesses, goggles, underbust corsets, and apparel.
27 Three Geeks Studio Self published poetry collection, artist prints, as well as hand crafted jewelry.
28 Cavalry Leather
29 R.A.W Up cycled jewelry, steampunk art & accessories
31 Baabco louisianas cut out of barn tin,driftwood and barn tin fish and metal art
32 Art Ninja/Faith Villa Claymation creations
33 The Moores original art and prints
34 Acadian Rain Hand-Crafted Soap
36 Tin Types Forever Authentic Tin Type Photographs
38 The Mime’s Box One-of-a-kind Pieces of Art
A Mad Luann’s Sliders, Wraps, Salads
B Professor Bob Beans Coffee and Ice cream
C Big Juicy’s BBQ Fusion BBQ and Carribbean Style Foods
D Capt. Rays’ Mad Dogz Gourmet Hotdogs
E Carpe’ Diem Gelato-Espresso Bar Gelato and Italian Hot Chocolate
F The Kitchen at Acadiana Seafood Red Beans and Rice / Jambalaya
G Beer Garden Local Craft Beer
H The Drink Booth Soft Drinks Coke, Diet Coke, Mr. Pibb, Sprite, Bottled Water